Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo actually more of an event than a place, but the hot dogs are fabulous... and the entertainment matches!

Mary Kmart Hosts
Hosted by the awesome Mary Kmart, Drag Bingo is a major fundraiser for the Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina. AAS-C provides all kinds of support for those living with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends. The AAS-C holds Drag Bingo about six or so times a year, usually at the Durham Armory across from the Marriott and the Carolina Theatre in Downtown Durham. Upon special occasions, Drag Bingo has been at the Raleigh Civic Center, the NC State Fairgrounds, and at Golden Belt. The evening consists of traditional bingo mixed with stand-up comedy, drag performances with a new theme for each event, and great dogs rolled into one glittery fun evening.

Miss Clair Entertains
The hot dogs are delicious and cheap. Five bucks gets you two hot dogs, a bag of chips, a sweet, and a soft drink. Purchase your special and head to the toppings table. The usual condiments are provided: mustard, relish, ketchup, mayo; but more important are the toppings that make these dogs special: freshly chopped onions and home-made coleslaw and home-made chili.

I've always said one of the most important components to a great Carolina Hot Dog is the slaw, and the slaw here is always fresh and creamy, seasoned perfectly. The chili, too, is tasty and freshly home-made. It's really hard to find something about the chili or slaw that isn't divine. Truly delicious!
Three Carolina Hot Dogs

Yumminess in foil

You do have to purchase a ticket to get in. Currently, admission is $20. It includes several games of bingo, several dazzling drag performances, and off-the-cuff comedy between the host(esses) that make it worth the cost of entry. Add to that the fact that all the money raised goes to support those living with HIV and AIDS, not to mention access to some of the best hot dogs in the Triangle. That's the makings of a fun--and tasty--night out.

Don't miss some of my favorite weenies!

My verdict: 5 weenies

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