Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fetch Hot Dog Co.

Fetch was a food truck.

Sadly, it rolls no more. Another dog-gone-bye.

Even thought their Carolina dog wasn't really what I grew up loving, I miss that truck. It used to stop on the occasional Wednesday at the office park where I work.

Fetch was all about creativity. From the food to the way they coordinated orders, cleverness ruled. When you placed an order, they gave you a card from a regular playing cards deck. Then, they called your card, (i.e., seven of clubs) when your dogs were ready.

Their Carolina dog was a bit higher brow. For one, they used locally-sourced, all-natural dogs. Hey, that's a good thing. But the toppings, mostly the chili and slaw, and the composition, were a bit too gourmet to be a traditional Carolina dog. Their slaw was more of a cabbage salad, and it lacked the mayo to give it a creamier texture. The mustard was artfully zig-zagged across the top of the dog--not exactly the same thing as our beloved Carolina Hot Dog.

A fancier Carolina dog

But for the occasional, 5-buck, fancy hot dog, Fetch was a treat. Their menu featured several regularly occurring dogs and a daily or weekly special or two. Always with creative toppings and combinations.

I guess the cost of that kind of quality ingredients made the business model hard to maintain. They still hold a soft spot in my heart.

My verdict: 4 weenies for creativity and healthier dogs