Friday, June 7, 2024

Snappy Lunch

 Wow. It looks like I completely missed 2023. Sorry about that. Hope to do better in 2024.

First up, Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy, NC. Mount Airy was the home of Andy Griffin and is the inspiration for the Mayberry in his television shows. Interestingly, in the entirety of the shows, Griffin only mentioned one real local business: Snappy Lunch.

Their biggest claim to fame is a pork chop sandwich--with many of the same topping of a Carolina-style hot dog. I had one, but I preferred the hot dog.

The joint is on the main drag in Mount Airy, among the Mayberry souvenir shops, candy shops, ice creameries, bakeries, and antique stores. If you go, be prepared to wait in line. It's a busy place, but they have a pretty quick turnaround, so the line moves. 

The inside features several tables and booths--and lots of the expected Mayberry memorabilia. The owner stands behind a bar and takes your order. Speedy and friendly service. No fries.

The hot dog was quite respectable, not my favorite ever, but a reasonable showing. Clearly the slaw and chili were made in-house. Just looking at the picture, now, makes me want one.

If you still have room, you can get really tasty pies and ice cream just a few doors up.

My verdict: four weenies.