Thursday, April 1, 2021

Durham Filling Station


What a great find!

I had assumed the old Wimpy's Grill location was still a vacant building. Then I happened across a listing for the Durham Filling Station and realized it opened in that spot a bit over a year ago. With their awesome curbside service, I do wish I had discovered them earlier in The Pandemic.

Like Wimpy's the Durham Filling Station offers comforting fast foods like burgers and dogs. But unlike, Wimpy's, the menu takes a bit more of a foodie turn. Nearly EVERYthing is homemade, and everything I've had is really good, from hot dogs to burgers to onion rings to biscuits to fatback, not to mention an amazing banana pudding.

But this is about the dogs.

Their hot dogs are probably the best in Durham. I've had some good ones, but these are exceptional. The chili is flavorful and meaty. The slaw is decidedly better than the slaw at most other hot dog stands. The onion and mustard round out the near perfection.

No dine-in option, but in a welcome improvement to Wimpy's, The Durham Filling Station features tables under a shelter to save you from eating on your hood or tailgate--or in your car!

The only downside is the hours of operation, Monday-Friday, 7AM to 2PM and 10-5 on Saturdays.

My verdict: 5 weenies! Damn close to perfection.