Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hot Diggity Dogz

My partner and I spent a week in Surf City this summer, and tooling around the island one evening, we spotted a tiny hot dog stand named Hot Diggity Dogz. It was after hours, and they were closed; but I decided we’d have to hit it during our stay.
photo of Hot Diggety Dogz from the street

So, one scorching afternoon, debating lunch options, we decided to visit. The dogs all have beachy-cute names like Shaggy Dog, Carolina Dog, Beach Dog, etc. except for ones named for hot dogs of a specific city, like the Chicago dog. All dogs are three bucks, and the stand also offers canned soft drinks, shaved ice, and nachos.

Stand and Eat Shelf
Hot Diggity Dogz is indeed a hot dog stand. If you don't want yours to go, there are a couple of picnic tables and a shelf where you can eat. We ate at a picnic table, but we had the hardest time finding the trash. It was out by the street.

As we walked up, the man inside promised the best hot dog we had ever eaten. In fact, their slogan is: “The best seven inches you’ll ever get.” At three bucks, they ought to be good, and I have to say they were. The best I’ve ever eaten? Well, that’s a tough title to earn.

I opted for a couple Beach Dogs: mustard, slaw, chili, and onions. My partner opted for a couple of different dogs, the names of which escape me. One featured a ketchuppy relish that did very little for me and the other was a chili cheese dog.

Beach Dogs

As you may have heard me say, you can tell a lot about a hot dog from the slaw. Hot Diggity Dogz’ slaw was not necessarily traditional, but it was very good. I could tell it was made fresh. The chili also seemed fresh and created with care. The wieners were all-beef, so they were a bit “fancier” than the red ones that normally lie under Carolina toppings—and I like beef franks, so I was pleased.

Though the prices were a bit steep, it’s good to know that I can get a pretty good hot dog at the beach.

My verdict: 4 weenies