Thursday, May 31, 2012

Millie's Hot Dogs

After attending a funeral for a friend's mother in Selma, NC, I decided to see if there were any CarolinaHotDog style places in the area, and with a little help from Yelp, I stumbled upon Millie's Hot Dogs in Smithfield, near the corner of NC 39 and US 70.

The establishment is a small addition to a larger building, no seating, just a window for ordering and picking up. Luckily in the remnants of the  latest tropical storm, they do have a small awning under which three to four folks could stand, if they didn't mind being close.

The prices were good. Regular hot dogs are $1.50. All beef hot dogs and the Millie Dog are 2 bucks. The Millie Dog adds cheese and Texas Pete, along with all the normal toppings--and then some.

I opted for my standard dog: mustard, slaw, chili, and onions. It came in a Styrofoam "casket" of sorts. That packaging keeps things a little neater, but I missed some of the magic of peeling the greasy paper back and unrolling the dog--but I digress.

I found the dog to be respectable. It's not my favorite, but it wasn't bad. Of course I'm looking for the best, so not bad is definitely not what I crave. The slaw was probably homemade, but it had a little something that made me think it might not be. I'm not sure if there is a way to season fresh coleslaw and make it taste that way; if not, it was bought. I can't be sure. The chili seemed OK, but I didn't get much of it. In fact, the slaw appeared to be the main attraction, overpowering everything else.

My verdict. 3 weenies*

*Oh yeah, I guess I should explain the ratings. It occurred to me that I didn't have a ratings system, so I've decided I'll award weenies--not like green weenies, these are the good kind of award. If I rate a hot dog one weenie, that means I really didn't like it. If I rate it five weenies, it's darn close to perfection.

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